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PRODUCTOS CODINA S.A. has a clear concern for sustainable development to contribute to the respect and preservation of the environment. That is why we are the first company to have 5-litre bottles with PCR (Post Consumed Recycled material). With this we show our contribution to the circular economy.


With the same objective of contributing to the preservation of the environment, the formulas for laundry detergents have been improved, which has allowed to reduce the dose of detergent for each wash (following EU recommendations).

This decrease in doses has the following advantages:

  1. The consumption of detergent by the consumer is lower, which represents a significant saving.

  2. The amount of detergent that goes into the sewer after each wash is lower, which represents a decrease in the chemicals that are removed.

  3. Using less detergent, it can be eliminated better in the procés of rinsing. This means that there are fewer traces of detergent left on clothes, improving their softness, and avoiding allergy problems, itching because of debris


PRODUCTOS CODINA S.A. recycles water used in production processes.

For years, when a product has just been manufactured and packaged, all the water used in the cleaning process is stored in a container. Then, when the product is remanufactured, we mix tap water with the wash water we have stored. Therefore, with very little investment, two advantages are obtained: on the one hand, no wastewater is generated that could harm the environment, and on the other hand, water consumption is reduced.  


The sensitivity of PRODUCTOS CODINA, S.A. towards the care and improvement of the environment and the focus of a management committed to the environment have led the company to achieve:


- The UNE-EN ISO 14001 certification granted by AENOR

- We have been made a member of the Charter for Sustainability 


YEAR 2020

Some of the environmental aspects measured and analysed with respect to other companies that are also part of the Charter are the following:




Productos Codina,S.A.

Average Charter member companies


Energy consumed Gj / Tn product produced



Water consumed in product / Tn product produced (m3/Tn)



CO2 emitted (Kg) / Tn product produced




Total waste Kg / Tn produced





The main causes of these favourable values ​​for Productos Codina are the fact that all our production processes are done cold and the recycling of washing water, which has been discussed above,


As for waste, the amount produced is low because many suppliers collect used packaging for reuse.


In conclusion, the environmental values ​​of our company are much better than the average of the Charter companies (where all the large and medium-sized European companies in the sector are represented), which indicates that our environmental policy is well on track.


The values ​​that can be observed in the table above have been used to assess the environmental aspects of the company.

In this assessment we have come up with a significant environmental aspect, which is the energy consumed in GJ / Tons of production. This aspect has been significant because this year we have taken into account the total consumption of the company whereas in previous years only the electricity consumption of the production hall had been taken into account.

In 2022 we will be able to study and improve this aspect as we will be able to compare the total energy consumption of the last two years​.

ISO 140001 Environmental Certificate

IQ net 140001 Environmental Certificate


Quality / R&D


Our company guarantees the production processes by means of a quality control of all the batches of manufactured products. This quality control is guaranteed by the UNE-EN ISO 9001 certification granted by AENOR.


New formulas are constantly being developed in the laboratory, adapted to the European Regulations on Detergents and which meet the highest quality requirements.


A fundamental characteristic of our company is continuous innovation in order to improve the lives of consumers through the improvement of products, while maintaining human and environmental safety by improving the environmental quality of products.


Detergents and maintenance and cleaning products, both for domestic and institutional use, contribute to hygiene and public health, which means a better quality of life.

ISO 9001 Quality Certificate by AENOR

ISO 9001 Quality Certificate by IQ Net

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