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New bottles
5 and 10 Litres

Recycled plastic comes from resins made from used Packaging that are not discarded.

The use of PCR plastic will prevent the consumption of more than 350.000 Kg new plastic annuals.

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We are manufacturers of detergents and cleaning products.

We produce products for household use with LA OCA and CODI brands and for professional use with the CODINA brand.

Our product ranges include cleaning and care products: Detergents, fabric softeners, stain removers.

Household cleaning and care products: disinfectants, general cleaners, degreasers, specific cleaners, scrub floors.

Products for cleaning crockery: manual dishwasher, dishwasher for machines.

Pioneering Excellence in Professional & Household Cleaning Products

Productos Codina S.A. is a prominent and reliable manufacturer of detergents and liquid cleaners since 1889 and is committed to providing its clients with a remarkable range of products like household cleaners, Softeners, stain removers, air fresheners, and body hygiene products in the domestic division. We use our in-depth experience, research and development capabilities and our high-performance products in the professional division include dishwasher detergents, degreasers, floor scrubber detergents, laundry detergents, dosing pumps, and hand wash gel.

Gaining Recognition Worldwide

Being the most environmentally friendly company we manufacture and bring out our products with PCR (Post Consumed Recycled Material) in 5 and 10-litre bottles. We pioneer unique products in new formulations and new dosages and our quality experts guarantee all products with total precision and efficacy beyond excellence. All our ingredients are sourced sustainably and our creations aspire to be the best in class with our trained expertise, advanced infrastructure, and zero-waste practice. All our disinfectants, virucides, and extensive range of products are acknowledged internationally with a growth trajectory. Our decades of experience which started as a family business back in 1889 now helps in continuously upgrading our products and adding more to the existing line of our products.

Productos Codina S.A. caters to the versatile and diverse requirements of our customers using high-quality materials and the latest technology, ensuring excellent quality and the most competent pricing. We are the leaders in providing a planned design, manufacturing, and administering a complete production line of detergents and liquid cleaners. Besides we adapt beautifully to emerging market demands in UK, India, Vietnam, Poland, Ecuador, Colombia, Taiwan and across the globe. Our products adhere to being ‘customer oriented’, scientific, and innovative along with the most natural and rational utilization which has resulted in it creating a legacy with its first-class products and the perfect service addition.



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