Powdered detergent Codina
Atomized laundry detergent for automatic machines

Product properties:
- Special formulation for washing white and colored clothes.
- Can be used in any type of washing machine and at the recommended temperature depending on the type of clothes to be washed.
- For persistent stains or difficult dirt (grease, oil, sweat on the necks and fists, etc ...), apply the product directly, soak the dirty part well, rub a little and then proceed to normal washing by putting the clothes in the washing machine.
- Bleach can be used. Add it at the end of the second rinse and it will achieve maximum effectiveness. 

-White and colored clothes of 200 to 300 grams of product (depending on the dirt).
-Delicate clothes from 100 to 150 grams
-Presentation about 80 grams

Ref. 5291
10 kg
component information

See safety data sheet, download component information.