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La Oca Bioclean

Biological product that contains, among other ingredients, micro-organisms and bio-surfactants. Anti-diposit accion and very suitable for the good functioning of the septic tanks.
Product suitable for the global cleaning and deodorization of toilets. It can be used in the toilet, urinals, washbasins, bathtubs, all kinds of surfaces, stainless steel, pipes...
Ref. 3201   1-litre bottle   Boxes of 12 units   Code EAN 8410630032012

LA OCA BIOCLEAN is a product obtained by biotechnology, respectful environment for the overall cleaning of bathrooms and toilets.

Totally organic and thanks to the association two completely new technologies : CONSORTIUM ® and BioSurf ® , combines specialized in the biodegradation of organic matter and microorganisms power of biosurfactants ( active substance produced by microorganisms, 100 % biodegradable and highly effective replacing various chemical ) materials . A fresh and intense fragrance completes the heart of a highly potent formula.

Its concentrated formula gelled and enables high performance and greater action on surfaces.

LA OCA BIOCLEAN is a unique full bathrooms (toilets, showers, baths, taps, tiles, toilets, etc.) 7 in 1 product for effective treatment and:

  • 1 Clean and Shine
    Its ultra powerful biosurfactants desincrustan cleaned and dirt, returning to the bathrooms all its brilliance. Furthermore, the consistency of gel adheres to the walls.

  • 2 Treatment of pipes and septic tanks
    The specialized microorganisms digest and biodegrade the organic matter present in the pipes for cleaning and maintaining optimal avoiding jams and odors.

  • 3 Anti-tartar
    Its formula prevents the formation of tartar and removes limescale.

  • 4 Destruction odors
    His microorganisms digest the organic matter responsible for odors in bathrooms.

  • 5 Intense Perfume
    Its unique fragrance leaves a lasting smell clean.

  • 6 Protective Layer
    Thanks to the power of biosurfactants, LA OCA BIOCLEAN leaves a protective layer that prevents the dirt and makes the next cleaning.

  • 7 Conditioning the effluent
    Microorganisms and immediately begin biosurfactants degradation dumped dirt. Also do not harm the environment or imply consumption of natural resources, since the active principles are produced by microorganisms.
  • Ref. 3201
  • 1 litre bottle
  • Boxes of 12 units
  • EAN 8410630032012

Glycereth 17 cocoate
Xanthan gum
Sodium laureth sulfate
PPG-2 methyl ether
Citric acid

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